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He's only been away one night.....

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...... and already he has pulled!!!


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East Coast Shenanigans

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Hi all,
Hope everyone is well. We are now on the East coast about 70km South of Barcelona. Planning on going into Barcelona at the weekend, ferry to Italy on Monday and then i fly to Berlin on Wednesday so a busy few days coming up.
It has been an interesting last few days. The journey to our previous campsite along the N340 (now my all time favourite road) was notable for 2 reasons - 1) Faye had her 1st go at driving abroad. 2) For about 20km there was a hooker sat at every orange grove entrance by the side of the road, awaiting (to put it in it's broadest terms) cock!
I must say it made for pretty unusual (and entertaining) viewing. Alas Faye would not stop.
Also i arrived back from the loo 2 nights ago to find the side door of the van jammed open and Faye looking extremely worried. With good right as it turned out as it wouldn't budge and we had to sleep with it wide open with a blanket over the gap. We had to take the door off completely the next morning with the help of our torment of a neighbour (all the gear and ne idea) and now it is shut but won't open.
Also we both wish Bob Lanc a speedy recovery and send all our love. CG

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The Last Week

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Hi folks, we have just arrived in Oliva on the East coast of Spain (just South of Valencia) after staying in Portugal and in El Escorial outside of Madrid. On the best campsite so far: 20 yards from the beach, lovely pool and spa, own marina and restaurant and WiFi access in the van (no i'm not knocking one out!) but alas it's pissing down.
Have had good weather for the last week so mustn't grumble and the lass in reception (proper tidy) said it would improve. It is still low season so not all the amenities are open on most sites and they are generally quiet, looking forward to it picking up a bit. A day in Madrid has been the highlight of the last week, really interesting and busy (wall to wall as well) would like to go there for a few nights with friends and really enjoy it.
Hope everyone is well, miss ya's. CG


Well what can I say, weather had been great this past week but the rain started last night and has continued today. Hopefully it will get better tomorrow as we have arrived at a new site today that is lovely and I want to be back on the beach! Mosquitos had had a fair nibble on both me and Clag when we were on a couple of campsites inland but think they prefer gingers as he has definitely got more than me.

Missing everyone.......haven't been drunk for over 2 weeks now and haven't had a cigarette for that long either.......haven't lost any weight yet as can't stop being naughty but I am walking every day which is the most exercise I have done, ever.......one positive is that I have got a little bit of colour to the skin now though so am not quite like a milk bottle anymore! Hope to hear from some of you guys soon......comments are always welcome, even the bad ones. FG


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Into Sunny (no really) Portugal

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Decided to bomb Spain off because it kept lagging down and drove a little longer than planned down to Povoa de Varzim (just North of Porto) in Portugal. Good decision - best + cheapest campsite yet, lovely weather and it has it's own beach. Couple of pictures from Santiago below - one in case anyone was concerned about Faye missing her meetings and the other, the recently erected Scott Beattie Memorial. CG013.jpg

Wahey, "the sun is shining......". Oh thank goodness we have had our first full day without rain, just lovely blue skies and sun, sun, sun. Not red hot but lovely and warm so Faye is a happy bunny, especially when we got to our new campsite and it even has it's own private beach, check out the picture below, not a soul in sight! FG

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A Coruna and Santiago De Compostela

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Departed Luarca for A Coruna on the morning of Good Friday which from this moment on shall be christened Dogshit Friday. It was lagging down, the roads had more potholes than the moon, roadworks and detours everywhere and the campsite when we finally arrived was boggy as f**k. All in all we were in a terrific mood! When we realised there were no shops open due to the holiday (and therefore no food) there was murder on the cards.
Went to bed feeling a bit sorry for ourselves but woke up in a better frame of mind and got the bus into A Coruna. 1st impression = shithole. It did get better though as we walked around the harbour and after we found a bar with the football on and had a couple of pints the whole world seemed a better place.
Drove to Santiago De Compostela today and have been for a walk around the town. The place is crammed with God botherers and they were queueing for miles, apparently to kiss the bones of St James The Apostle that will in turn cure all medical conditions!! It was hard not to be affected by it all so I got some athletes foot cream from the pharmacy! (true). Travelling to Vigo tomorrow then on to Portugal after that. Happy Easter CG

Luarca to Santa Cruz near A Coruna - journey could have been better - see Clag´s comments above. Very true that we now have a Shit Friday instead of a Good Friday! A Coruna ok, wandered around in the wind and rain again.....oh joy....
Santa Cruz - Santiago today (4th April) - journey very easy, still haven´t got lost on foriegn soil yet.....probably shouldn´t speak too soon though......
Santiago lovely quaint place but very Holy - take alot more than that to convert me or forgive my sins.
Heading to Vigo tomorrow, hopefully the further South we go the more chance I have of some proper sunshine - have yet to take me coat off!!!! Happy Easter everyone. Hope you´re enjoying your Easter eggs, I´m not allowed any as apparently I´m eating healthily (when Chris is around anyway). FG

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