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World Cup Escapades

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Hello Friends
World Cup Fever is here and it may just be me but the standard has been pretty shite so far. The new ball is supposed to fly the straightest and truest of any yet – well why didn’t anyone tell the f**king players, the amount of times I have seen that ball hit wide or high makes me want to scream. As for the goalkeeping the less said the better!
Watched England’s 1st game in Munich (Irish bar of course) with the Borthwicks. Munich turned out to be the most enjoyable city we’ve been in so far; full of character, characters and Germans on the peeve from 10am. Met Barry from Liverpool in one bierkeller and was pleased to sit next to someone with a redder face than mine. Discovered we were experts on the same 2 subjects; football and divorce. Met Mario from Munich in the same bar the next day (unsure of his real name but he had dungarees on like SuperMario) who we ascertained thanks to Sarah translating had 6 kids and €100 on South Korea to win!
Made our way back to the campsite where we had left our van on the Friday and found a place to watch the Germany game – big screen, outside, cushty. Ended up the pair of us drinking litres, sitting in a thunderstorm and entertaining 2 young American girls in the van until daft o’clock listening to GLC’s Yer Mothers Got A Penis! Awesome according to our new friends.
Moved further North after that to 2 small towns. Place called Ellwangen was 1st and even though it wasn’t very big the main square was set up with bars and a giant screen for the football. Drove next to Eberbach and found ourselves on the set of Shaun Of The Dead, walking f**king corpses everywhere it was as if Dignitas had set up a euthanasia campsite. Got the train into Heidelberg at 10am for England’s next game which considering it didn’t kick off until 8.30pm was probably a bad idea. As we discovered later there is a US airbase in the city so as we sat to watch Germany v Serbia we were surrounded by Yanks all in German colours screeching at the TV (mainly far too pretty young girls) who then all started cheering the US in the next game. You can imagine how popular I was sat in my England top cheering Germany having a man sent off, a goal disallowed, conceding a goal and best of all missing a penalty. Oh and then cheering Slovenia’s 2 goals against the Yanks. Luckily it was past their curfew by time England put on their pitiful display.
End of the night, train home and bed then? Not quite that straightforward I’m afraid. 1st Faye chucked herself down the stairs of the Bar. Then she was flat out on the train when I realised we were going in the wrong direction and it was the last train so I gave her a couple of quick slaps and hauled her off at the next stop which was similar to getting off at Wetheral. Luckily for us there were 3 teenage girls on the platform who after much confusion understood our problem but then f**cked off. To our eternal gratitude 2 returned with the time and station of our only possible way back and 1 of the girls Dad somehow agreed to race us to the necessary station, admitting on the way he would have driven us all the way to the campsite but he’d had too much to drink!! Home in the end at 1am and drove on the next day with the welcome sight of Faye in the passenger seat spewing into a bin bag.
Now in Southern Holland and preparing for Wednesday and hopefully a decent England performance and victory and looking forward to the Nocters flying out next week.
Take care. CG

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And there was more...

sunny 33 °C
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... yes everyone, more rain in Austria and Germany. Thought we were in for Italy part 2 but thankfully after about 5 days of heavy rain the sun came out and has been out ever since!

Stayed on couple of nice sites in Germany, done the tourist thing and visited Salzburg, Eagles Nest and had a couple of good hikes (yes hike as in up a very high mountain and down again tho we did get a cable car up one of them and only walked down!)

So it's World Cup Friday - here at last! Yippee.......I foresee a month of sitting in pubs watching just about every game!

In Munich at the moment in a youth hostel for 2 nights - not sure if it is going to be luxury or not yet as can't get in the room until 3pm - waiting for Sarah & Neil to arrive tonight. It may be a drunken hot weekend as it is 33degrees today, a record apparently.

Hope everyone is well back home. Will write again soon.

Love yas, FG.

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Four Seasons and a Wedding

all seasons in one day
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Hi folks,
Well what can i say, the last fortnight has been a mixture of the good, the bad and the downright minging. Done the tourist thing in Rome and a bit of shopping all very straightforward. Then it f**king hammered down for 8 days solid i was right for Carleton Clinic. Mans rain as well, when you have to put your waterproofs on to go to the bog you've got problems. Dunno who was gonna kill who 1st, we were very much thinking of making Dignitas in Switzerland our next stop. Even when we got wrapped up and went for a walk to relieve the intense boredom it turns out my waterproof walking shoes aren't f**king waterproof - aaaaarggh. Drove halfway up a mountain to our next site as it promised stunning panoramic views. Honestly i would have got the same view sticking my head in a bag of cotton wool.
Spent 18 hours in the van and decided enough was enough and drove up to Lake Garda where just as Italy was about to get 10 out of 10 for shitness the sun came up. And stayed up for 6 full days (excluding night of course wise weathers). Site was great and we had an ace time. Flew back to extremely sunny Carlisle for Bren and Donna's big day and had an excellent (if drunken) weekend. Back to Italy on the Monday nigh on halucinating, hotel 1 night then up into Switzerland the next day. Lovely weather there also and i also managed to get Faye on a decent walk up the mountainside. It did however nearly finish her off there were a few moments when i thought i was gonna lose her, heed like Sir Alex and breathing like an 80 year old with an 80 a day habit. Some awesome views up there though.
Woke up today and normal service had been resumed, lagging down and miserable so we decided to miss out a few sites and drive for a bit longer. Drove into Austria over an Alpine pass or two where it was snowing heavily at 1 point, very surreal experience. Now near Innsbruck and trying to decide what to do after Europe which judging by our finances (which we checked for the 1st time today) will be f**k all! CG

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Got Faye stocked up.

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It's Been A While

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Yo, time to catch up i’ll make it as brief as possible... since we last met been into Barcelona but as usual our timing was awry, Sunday and not much open. Done the Nou Camp tour – bit of a rip but interesting to be pitchside and worth it if only for the sight of 8 Irishmen (4 wearing Guiness t-shirts) trying to get themselves organised for an official photo in the press room – where they get the reputation from i’ll never know, comedy gold. Sailed from Barca to Genoa on the Ship of Lost Souls, what a depressing experience – 40 folk on board most of them hairy arsed truckers and again nowt open. Arrived in Shitaly to discover Faye had left her brain on the boat – she greeted the 1st 2 Italians with “Hola” (1 of them a scary looking customs mush) and then went to pay the woman at the toll with the window still up.

Camped NW of Milan at Lake Maggiore somehow ending up on Hadrians Camp, stayed 1 night then fled to Bergamo Airport for Faye to pick her Mam up and me to travel to Berlin (had a fantastic time great to see the lads). Found myself in Milan city centre Monday gone, a complete paranoid, gibbering wreck. Spent 1 night in luxury (Fayes rented apartment) then on to Lake Iseo NE of Milan. Beautiful location but dogshit weather and to compound matters I spent the night in the tent as Sandra was still here. Lightning by your tent door and paranoia are not a good mix, bagging myself.

Moved on to the West coast and the weather improved markedly, have done beach and pool. Alas i have approx 9 golf ball sized mozzy bites (including 1 bafflingly on my arsecheek) i am the boy in the bubble. As we speak we are camped on Lake Bracciano North of Rome where we are heading tomorrow – When in Rome... All roads lead to... Woger the Wapist .. etc. CG

Ps if you get the chance have a listen to Delphics album Acolyte – the future of dance is here.

As usual Clag has summed everything up very well and with much humour so I needn’t say much more.....shock horror I know.

Had fabulous time when Chris was away (not that I don’t enjoy my time with him of course) – thanks much to Mum and Claire for a brilliant time.

Claggy may have been a paranoid wreck in the tent through a torrential thunder storm but I had to contend with spending the night with my Mother (I love you Mam!) in the van with her looking out of the blinds every 2 minutes to check if Clag, the tent or his flip flops had floated away! Massive contrast to the 5 previous nights sleeping in a proper bed in an apartment in Milan.

Anyway, love to you all, can’t wait to see some of you in 2 weeks time, YIPPEE YAY! FG

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